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FEMMASSE is an independent private owned company. We do not promote, sell or have interests in any other products but our own. Our tools are highly dedicated tools. Our philosophy is not to go for the masses but to serve the concrete industry with high end easy to use tools. We love concrete.

The basics of the models that are used for HEAT and MLS today, originate from the mid-eighties. This is when Peter Roelfstra the intellectual father finished his PhD in numerical concrete at EPFL in Switzerland.

The use of these models in construction projects started with the Storebaelt and Oresund projects. The first a bridge between Denmark and Sweden, the second an immersed tube tunnel.

Since then the tools were used in hundreds of projects world wide, by engineering firms, contractors and universities.

Through cooperation with several universities like TU Delft (Netherlands) and EPFL (Switzerland) more sophisticated models were added. Through cooperation with our clients ease of use was improved over the years. We always kept in mind that concrete engineers and concrete material experts are our users, not finite element specialists.


Today we have a small highly dedicated team to support you. Please feel free to contact any of them.

Robert Haverkort - HEAT and MLS

Guido Roelfstra - ALP/DBET

Suzanne Sideris - General info and licenses


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