Advanced method of analyzing complex (high strength) concrete sections including powerful pre-stressing module.


The DBET computer program is a powerful numerical tool with which the mechanical behaviour of arbitrarily shaped reinforced and/or pre-stressed cross sections can be analyzed. Other materials can also be included in the analysis. With DBET you can not only compute so-called M-N-k diagrams but also carry out extensive checks to see whether your structure complies with the relevant Dutch codes and of course EUROCODE.


The results can be printed out in the form of a clear document. The program was developed in co-operation with the Dutch Ministry of Public Works and with Holland Railconsult. This ensures that your designs, calculations, and reports comply with the requirements of the most important clients in the Netherlands.



  • Arbitrary shaped cross sections (with holes)
  • Bending along two axes
  • Dutch codes
  • Dutch railway codes
  • Dutch High-Speed Rail codes
  • Materials database
  • Multi-material cross sections
  • Database with standard cross sections
  • DBET is a useful tool to determine the bearing capacity of reinforced and prestressed concrete cross sections.
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