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If you are a concrete engineer or concrete material expert working with:

- Early age crack control
- Maximum core temperature
- Maximum allowed temperature differences
- Concrete properties
- Quick deshuttering
- Complex casting sequences


The tool HEAT is a great solution for you. HEAT will generate the output and temperature control plans you are looking for. Please have a look at the five main benefits.


1. Proven Performance

The best thing about our tools is the proven performance. Many temperature control plans were made with HEAT and they worked, every time.


2. It will meet the project specs

HEAT has been around for many years, first used in the Oresund and Storebaelt projects. And in hundreds of projects after that. The tool was improved over the years and is still further developed. It is the standard in the Netherlands and used in many international projects. Please have a look at our reference list. We are confident that HEAT will meet the project specifications. Please contact us for a free check.


3. Quickly to learn

The best thing is: you do not need any finite element simulations knowledge. You only need concrete knowledge. You can learn to operate HEAT yourself or learn it in a one or two day course organized by FEMMASSE.


4. Actual construction process

HEAT is a finite element tool that simulates the hardening of concrete in your structure, it simulates the construction process. HEAT takes all the factors that influence temperature development and (eigen) stresses into account in the underlying finite element simulation.


5. Free expert check

With FEMMASSE we work with a start fee and yearly fees. Support is free. Our support is given by real experts that know how to make temperature control plans and have done this on actual projects. They will give you the training if you need this and they can also review your model, the free expert check. When in doubt just send it to our experts and they will do an expert check.



Please contact us for prices and purchase

Or contact Robert Haverkort for more information.


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