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If you are a concrete scientist working at a university doing research on the subjects:

- Early age concrete behaviour
- Autogeneous shrinkage
- Thermal shrinkage
- Strain capacity
- Modelling experiments
- Drying shrinkage

The tool MLS is a great solution for you. MLS will generate the output you are looking for, based on actual measured material properties.


MLS is a finite element tool that simulates the hardening of concrete in your structure or test set up. It simulates the actual events. MLS takes all the factors that influence temperature development and (eigen) stresses into account in it's simulations.


MLS comes with a material database. In this database you can tweak your own materials. Actual measured material properties can serve as input. Next to concrete you can also define three types of interfaces, reinforcement bars or any other construction material like steel.


The material properties for especially concrete are advanced some examples besides the standard properties:

- Autogenous shrinkage
- Hygral shrinkage
- Maturity increase dependent of temperature and moisture potential
- Creep / relaxation rate dependent of temperature, moisture potential, strain rate, stress level, maturity, adiabatical heat development and more.


Please have a look at our info sheet for more information.

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